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Srinagar, Apr 2: Stray dogs continued to unleash terror in old City, the Shaher-e-Khaas with a woman in mid 30s falling prey to the canine teeth, in a latest incident.
This mother of three was walking in the narrow lane near her house (area and identity withheld) when she was cornered by a stray pack who pounced on her. She was rescued by the locals who chased away the barking dogs.
The women initially tried to pretend that she wasn’t wounded even though she limped back to her humble dwelling where her three little daughters consoled her.
Finally the news of her being wounded emerged when her husband, who works as a laborer, reached back home late in the evening and she narrated her woeful tale.
“Her body parts were bitten but because of shyness she tried to conceal the facts,” said the area locals led by Masjid Intizaamiya president.
This, the neighbors said, they came to know only when the victim’s husband sought assistance from them for taking her to hospital in the odd hours.
The doctors who treated the victim confirmed that she was badly mauled and it would take time for her to heal up.
“However, had she delayed coming to hospital complications could further,” they said.
The gory incident triggered protests with people assembling outside the local Masjid where they came down heavily on Srinagar Municipal Corporation for defending the dog rights.
Pertinently, the SMC Commissioner Dr GN Qasba two days back said the dogs couldn’t be killed under any circumstances.
The dog bites have been on a record high for the past few months while the National Conference led government has been pleading the “costly and time consuming” sterilization as the sole remedy to the menace.
The government has seemingly even tried to downplay the dog population by announcing that not one lakh but only 91,110 dogs are on prowl in Srinagar.
But a million dollar question posed by Justice FM Ibrahim Kalifullah remains unanswered: Will a dog stop biting after sterilization?

 Author: M Hyderi  (From Greater Kashmir)


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The stray dog menace in our valley has reached a point danger. Every now and then we witness stories of death or serious injuries caused by stray dogs. But people like  Monika Gandhi can’t take such incidents. Ironically, they are sensitive to animal pain and callously insensitive to human pain. Such a love for animals is not love but can be labeled as perversion. And many a time, perversion proves a disease.

It would be worth appreciating if Social Circles and our Legislators work hand in hand to deal with this menace. This blog is dedicated for this cause, Support this blog by spreading it to your nears and dears